Electric Service Upgrades

What Is An Electrical Service?

Good question.  There are electrical wires or cables feeding power to your house.  If those wires run through the air, overhead, the utility company owns them.  If they run underground, you (usually) own them.  Either way, once they get to your house they connect to other wires, to your meter box, and to a main fuse or breaker box.  You own all of that too, except for the meter itself.   Combined, that’s called your “electrical service” or Service Entrance.  From the overhead connection point to the breaker panel … or, from the utility pole underground (usually) to the breaker panel, you own it.  And if any part of it is old, worn out, damaged or inadequate, unfortunately, you own that too.


Condition & Capacity of Electrical Service

During our Site Visit, one of the key things we look at is the condition and capacity of your electrical service.  Over the years we’ve replaced and upgraded a large number of residential services.  Now, with our EV specialty, the pace has picked up and it’s become a “co-specialty.”  In about 10-20% of the homes we visit, we find that in order to safely charge an  EV, a service upgrade is required.  Often the service is 50 or more years old anyway, and near the end of its life, but it’s the new arrival that forces the issue.

Safe, Professional Electrical Installations

When we’re at your home for an estimate or a Site Visit, we look for the best solution to the problem of installing an EV charger.  But just as imporantly, we make sure your home electrical system can safely handle the load.  If not, we’ll tell you.  We’ll make recommendations as to the best solutions and options, both short-term and long-term.  And if it’s needed, we’ll install the replacement or upgrade, usually while your charger is being installed.

Fast, Safe EV charging is the goal.

Note:  Federal Pacific breaker panels are an important special case.
If you have one, see HERE for more information.

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