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In business in different forms for well over 20 years, since 2016 Mike Williams Electric has become the leading installer of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging systems in the Western NY area. We’re TESLA CERTIFIED, and certified by every major after-market manufacturer of home EV charging equipment. EV charging is now about 90% of our business volume, and the volume is growing fast. It’s a great direction and a great fit for us, both technically and philosophically, and we’re gratified to be part of “accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” Plus, every day we make connections (pun intended) with all kinds of great new customers!

Historical note – for those who like deep background: [Mike] I’ve had a couple of career branches over the years, which for a time took me mainly into academia and into political communications. My interest in the electrical field started with the military in my youth, and has drawn me in business and in practice ever since. For me personally, the EV direction is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to combine a surprisingly varied skill-set, and put it to work every day, on the ground, for a large and vitally important cause.

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