20140912_094115 half 1024wThe wind took down a tree limb on this rental property, and the tree limb took down the electric lines.  RG&E, the utility company, came by and reattached their wires to the house, but gave the owner 10 days to get the service cable itself reattached properly.  That’s how we found it, in the “before” photo on the left, with the service cable hanging by the connections to the RG&E wires.  It turned out that the weatherhead (the fitting at the top of the service cable, barely visible under the eave) was broken as well.  The fasteners for the cable were homemade by the original siding contractor: a thin strip of sheet metal, really just a scrap of the siding, with a rusty nail through it.  We reattached the cable using weatherproof screws and proper straps, and installed a new weatherhead at the top.  The only tricky part was maneuvering the ladder around the telephone wires, and then working left-handed.  Voila!