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This family had a total of 5 panel boxes of varying sizes, types, and ages, including not one but two fuse boxes, one dating from well before 1920. Fuse panels in general can be a problem, with one of the big concerns being the possibility of replacing a blown fuse with one large than the wire is rated for.  The older fuse box, the big black one in the center next to the meter, was a type banned by the electrical code long ago, where both the hot and the neutral wires are fused. This arrangement is a setup for serious safety hazards, for example if only a neutral fuse were to blow, and not the hot.

It was a tight budget situation, with dangerous old equipment, so we just replaced the whole bunch of panels and sub-panels with a single modern circuit breaker panel, and upgraded the ground system, leaving the existing RG&E meter in place. The owners did opt for a high-quality Square D breaker panel, arguably the Cadillac of breakers.

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