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SIZING TOOL:  ClipperCreek has an extremely useful sizing tool for most makes/models of car:

Clipper Creek Sizing Tool

About “HARD-WIRED” vs “PLUG-IN”:  All chargers have a cord for output power that plugs into your car for charging.  Some also have a cord and plug for their input power, and these get plugged into a heavy-duty outlet on the wall.  Most models can be ordered either way, and Installation costs are generally the same, either way.  Some factors in deciding which:

  • Hard-wired is the best choice for outdoor locations, or locations where security is an issue. If the unit can be easily unplugged, it can be easily stolen.
  • Plug-in units are generally fastened to the wall with big screws or bolts. They’re not like unplugging a lamp, and may not be “perfect” for travel, or visits to that second home.
  • Plug-in units are a great idea if it’s likely you’ll be selling the house in the foreseeable future.

RECOMMENDATIONS: The correct EV charger for you depends on your car, and on your specific needs. Below is a list of high-quality, reliable EV chargers that we think are worth investing in, to help you narrow down your decision.

*Don’t miss the important Notes section at the bottom of the list.


Brand Model
(Level 2
Price* Shipping
Clipper Creek LCS-20 20 16 HW 25 $380 N
Clipper Creek LCS-20P 20 16 P 25 $395 N
Clipper Creek HCS-40 40 32 HW 25 $565 N
Clipper Creek HCS-40P 40 32 P 25 $589 N
ChargePoint CPH12-L12 20 16 HW 12 N/A Y
ChargePoint CPH12-L12-P 20 16 P 12 N/A Y
ChargePoint CPH25-L25 40 32 HW 25 $699 Y
ChargePoint CPH25-L25-P 40 32 P 25 $749 Y
JuiceBox Pro 32 40 32 Either 24 $489 Y
JuiceBox Pro 40 50 40 Either 24 $549 Y
JuiceBox Pro 75 100 75 Either 24 $809 Y
Dostar 240v 20 16 Portable 24 $240 N
Dostar 120 / 240v 20 16 Portable 24 $260 N
PowerCharge Connect 40 32 Both 24 $529 none

*Online direct purchase price not including shipping or sales tax, updated April 15, 2019.
Chargers can be included with installation, with a 10% markup for handling plus sales tax and any shipping chargers.

Our Notes:

  1. Most brands and sizes can be ordered either hard-wired or plug-in (about a $30-$50 difference).
  2. Most brands and models can be purchased from either the manufacturer’s website (our links) or Amazon (prices and shipping charges may vary). ChargePoint is ONLY available via Amazon.
  3. Clipper Creek makes solid, weather-proof chargers with no communications capability.
  4. ChargePoint makes elegant weather-proof chargers, with wifi communications and smartphone app. They also have a sizable base of public and commercial stations installed nationally and networked.
  5. Juicebox is a solid, plug-in only unit, wifi-enabled with a smartphone app, easily removed from a wall bracket for portability.
  6. PowerCharge and Dostar are competitive brands from EV Charge Solutions, a company based in Rush, NY, near Rochester. PowerCharge wall-mount units are comparable to ChargePoint and Juicebox but somewhat less expensive and usually available from local stock.  Dostar portables are very competitive aftermarket equivalents of the chargers included with most EVs and PHEVs.  Their website often shows sale prices below these (often available via Amazon as well).
  7. Model numbers can be confusing. Some are based on input power (circuit size), and some are based on output power (charging rate).  With the table below we try to clarify things.
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