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Fast, safe charging is the goal.

The big factors:

  • the car (make, model, charging requirements)
  • the location (garage – attached, detached, distance from panel, etc)
  • the electrical service (capacity and condition)

4 Steps to Our EV Charger Installation

Step 1)

Electrical System Evaluation and Load Calculation.

A licensed, qualified electrician should inspect your home electrical system for capacity and condition, and do an existing load calculation that follows National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements. The actual load is then compared to the service capacity. The big concern here: what’s the available capacity?

Step 2)

Determine the charger location.

It’s like what matters with real estate: location, location, location. Distance from the breaker panel matters. A path from the panel to the outlet location matters. And even if the house itself has good power, a detached garage is a special case, and may require up-sizing the lines that feed the garage.

Step 3)

Select the type of charger (or none at all).

Type Circuit Charge Times (full)
Level 1 120-volt, 20-amps Up to 24 hrs
Level 2 240-volt, 20- to 80-amps 6-8 hrs
SuperCharger Commercial / Public locations 25 mins to 2.5 hrs

Appropriate outlets typically look like this.

Some models of Level 2 charger come equipped with an input cord that plugs into a 240-volt electrical outlet.  If that type makes sense in your case, appropriate outlets typically look like this:

EV Wall Chargers

Most EV’s require special wall chargers for faster, Level 2 charging. The choice of charger will depend mainly on the vehicle requirements and the capacity of your home’s electrical service.

Step 4)

Get a price for installation.

Until the previous three questions are answered, there’s no way to predict what a circuit and charger installation could cost. Our experience so far is that installations can range from $400 to $4,000 (possible, if the house service needs an upgrade, the garage is detached, and the charger is very fast)

Is there an electric vehicle in your future?

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