20141103_134139_600hSeriously, we don’t get out to work on farms very often, but here we are again.  The “Janet and Lee” family farm in Chili, which had a number of wiring problems in the barns, is mostly populated by pets disguised as livestock, including a pot-bellied pig named Wilbur (we assume the horse, of course, was named Mr. Ed).  Once again, we had to work under unusually close supervision. Luckily, we still had in the van about 8 full bags of apples from a job we had just finished out in Sodus, in orchard country, the previous Sunday.  Guess who figured THAT out.

The two days we spent there so far were mostly doing repairs. When we get back next it will be for some upgrades, and then maybe we’ll add some pictures of actual wiring, and some genuine before & after.  That’s in addition to the ducks, and the chickens, and the dogs, who all complained about being left out of the first round of pictures. [Scroll down for the slideshow.]


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