Chevy Volt: Home Charger Installation


  • Vehicle Type: Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)
  • Range on battery: 40 – 55 miles (depending on model)
  • Acceptance rate: 3 kw
  • Charge time, standard outlet (120v)*: about 12 hours from empty

Recommended Chargers:

240v (Level 2), 20-amp circuit; 4 hrs from empty

  • ClipperCreek LCS 20/P
  • ChargePoint CPH12-L12/P

See Comparison Chart


“Future-proof” chargers: [capacity for future/full EVs, yours or guests]

240v (Level 2), 40-amps circuit; 4 hrs from empty

  • ClipperCreek LCS-40/P
  • ChargePoint CPH25-L25/P
  • JuiceBox Pro-32
  • PowerCharge Connect

* If charging using a standard 120-volt outlet, for safety reasons we strongly recommend a dedicated (unshared) 20-amp circuit
** If you don’t have 12 hours available every day to recharge or want to be able to make multiple longer trips in a day, upgrading to a Level 2 home charger makes sense.

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